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Actors: Jamie Dornan as (Jan Kubiš), Cillian Murphy as (Josef Gabčík), Charlotte Le Bon as (Marie Kovárníková), Anna Geislerová as (Lenka Fafková), Harry Lloyd as (Adolf Opálka), Toby Jones as (Jan Zelenka), Alena Mihulová as (Mrs. Moravec),
Genres: History ,Thriller ,War ,
Directors Sean Ellis
Distributor: LD Entertainment, 22h22, Lucky Man Films
Nationality: Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom
Runtime: 120 min
Available Subtitles: Spanish, German, French, Dutch and English

Synopsis Anthropoid

In December 1941, Czech soldiers Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš parachute into their occupied homeland to assassinate Nazi officer Reinhard Heydrich.

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Anthropoid (2016) Free Watch Streaming

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