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Actors: Dougray Scott as (Tom Jericho), Kate Winslet as (Hester Wallace), Saffron Burrows as (Claire Romilly), Jeremy Northam as (Mr. Wigram), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as (Puck), Tom Hollander as (Logie), Donald Sumpter as (Leveret),
Genres: Mystery ,Drama ,Thriller ,Romance ,War ,
Directors Michael Apted
Writers Tom Stoppard
Distributor: Senator Film Produktion, Meespierson Film CV, Intermedia Films, Broadway Video, Manhattan Pictures International, Mulholland Pictures BV, Jagged Films
Nationality: Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany
Runtime: 119 min
Available Subtitles: Spanish, German, French, Dutch and English

Synopsis Enigma

A romantic thriller based around the World War 2 project to crack the codes behind the Enigma machine, used by the Germans to encrypt messages sent to their submarines.

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Enigma (2001) Free Watch Streaming

Enigma (2001) Streaming Sub Ita Alta Definizioneroject to crack the codes behind the Enigma machine, used by the Germans to encrypt messages sent to their submarines.....

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